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$50,000 Plus Salary in 3 Months?

Money CoinsHow to Earn a $50,000 Plus Salary in 3 Months…Really!

Okay so the whole idea of getting a $50,000 Plus Salary in 3 Months sounds absolutely scammy, but it really happened…to me! On the Internet, there are absolutely countless ways to make money, but the best way is when you help others make money.

And I know that sounds extremely simple and even cliche today in our modern “Get Rich Quick” age, but what I’m referring to here is actually learning an in demand skill for the Real World: Digital Marketing.

Now if you’ve never heard of Digital Marketing, then you’ve probably seen Ads all over the Internet whether it’s on a website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and especially on YouTube. And where all those Ads came from was through Ad platforms like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

I myself never really gave much thought behind all these Ads other than the fact that they were annoying! However as I was doing my usual  YouTube binging on one of my favorite channels at Engineered Truth, I noticed an interesting interview with a Digital Marketer.

His name is Seth Jared and he created a course called the Digital Marketing Blueprint.

Digital Marketing (or Internet Marketing) is something I’ve known about for awhile and I’ve used Google Adwords and Bing Ads before. I’ve even taken several “Get Rich Quick” courses which actually only led me to getting broke quick!

What separated Seth’s course versus all the others, is that it was practical and most importantly, it got me results! So unlike other courses  where it’s mostly fluff and more of a sales pitch to sell you their more expensive “Premium” training,  the Digital Marketing Blueprint was all about teaching you step-by-step on learning the core skills that will actually get you in the Digital Marketing field whether that would be through a job or business of your own.

These are the main things you’ll get from the course:

  • strong foundation on how SEM, PPC, SEO work in Digital Marketing
  • extensive Google Adwords training for the real world and how it’s actually being used for business
  • getting proper certifications for Google Adwords and Google Analytics
  • knowing where and how to look for jobs in Digital Marketing
  • using these digital skills for freelancing or business

==> Get Access to 4 Free Digital Marketing Training Videos from Seth’s Digital Marketing Course Here

There’s additional training and support that Seth provides, but the most important thing for me is that it delivered results. Not only did I learn the “right” way, but when I applied his training in practice, I was able to improve both my freelancing and career options.

It took me about a month and a half to compete the training and to get all my certifications. And then from there I started submitting resumes and looking for freelancing gigs almost daily. Within a week I was already getting emails back and by the second week I started interviewing.

By the end of three months, I was able to get a $50,000 plus salary role and combined with my other freelancing/online income, it was an incredible feeling!

(Check out the Digital Marketing Blueprint Here)

I just couldn’t believe that nearly everything Seth had talked about in his course was actually unfolding as he described even down to the types of questions I would be asked.

But I think the most valuable thing I got out of the course are the skills and experience that apply to everything that I’m working on now and building for the future as the world will always be marketing so why not be the person to profit from it in this new digital economy.

-Geek Outside!


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