Let’s go outside! Hello fellow Geeksters and welcome to geekoutdoors.com. So why does this site exist and why am I here? Well I can’t tell you why you’re here but thanks a billion for visiting! Now let me tell you why I created this Amaaaazing destination. Throughout my journey in this Universe, I’ve always enjoyed two things: Tech and the Great Outdoors.

Now that doesn’t mean I’m on my laptop while fishing, although that would be funny as hell, but what it does mean is that I like talking about Tech plus other Geek stuff while enjoying the Beach.

Nowadays we spend so much time inside in front of computer screens that it becomes rare for people to actually see real sunlight other than through their office windows. And I definitely don’t want to choose between Tech or the outdoors so I figured let me talk about things that are interesting to me in the Tech, Geek community while being outside in the Real World.

So sit back and enjoy plus don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel¬†and watch me get sun burnt while uploading videos. Until then Get Geeky Outside!

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