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Are YOU Successful?

businessmansuccessQuite often when we think of the term SUCCESS, images of Money, Exotic Cars, and Big Houses immediately come to mind. But is this YOUR definition of success or is it someone else’s? Most people are heavily influenced by the norms of their society and culture and more than likely, will conform to similar ways of thinking. Success is something that we all aspire to however defining what your idea of success could well be the most important factor in determining the life that you live. My definition of success is simply FREEDOM! And my ideas on freedom are control of my Time in these areas:

  • Freedom to do what I want
  • Freedom to be around who I want
  • Freedom to think the way I want

Working with clients that are wealthy and successful, I’ve learned that they don’t value the things that they have as much as they do the time they have. Also if you look at the ultra wealthy such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg who are worth billions, they still spend countless hours working despite the fact that they don’t ever have to work again for the rest of their lives. And as the cliche goes: Do what you Love and you’ll Never have to work another day again. When you reach your level of success, quite often you’ll do more of the things that you enjoy. I would rather fit my Work into my Life than fit my Life into my Work so that required a path for success. And for me, my path to success involved finding something that would give me the freedom of time that I craved while making sure I don’t end up homeless and hungry. So my path to success is the Internet or more specifically Internet Marketing. Now the area of Internet Marketing is a wide category with seemingly endless opportunities, however when you focus and learn, it becomes more clear on how you can achieve the success that YOU want. For me, a combination of consistent learning and Action has always been the best tools to achieve my goals. With that, I’ve included a video below discussing my Top 5 Favorite Online Business Channels. So think about YOUR success today and take the actions you need to get the life you want.

-Geek Outside!

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