You are currently viewing Geek Outdoors Ep6: Geeks make “Real Life” Money online

Geek Outdoors Ep6: Geeks make “Real Life” Money online

moneymanIt wasn’t that long ago when being a Geek or being into Tech wasn’t cool or popular.┬áNow Geeks rule the world. Just look at the wealthiest people or top companies in the world: Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon…etc

But in this new economy, we might all need to be a little Geek or Tech savvy in order to survive. In this episode, I want to talk about making Real Life money online and not Get Rich Quick schemes or lucky viral videos. And when I say Real Life I mean money to pay your bills, take care of your family, and live the life you want. This isn’t the hyped up money of mansions, exotic cars, and loving groupies that’s often portrayed in the media.

I myself make 100% of my living online so I’ve got some experience in this new frontier. So let’s start off with the general question “How do I make a living online?”

The Answer: it depends…

It depends on what “valuable” skills you have and how hard you’re willing to work to develop new valuable skills. And it also depends on what you want out of it in your life. Quite often if you’re a Geek or have some Tech skills, you’re most likely already online or already making money online. So what are some tips I can give if you want to live the Internet Lifestyle? Below are 3 main steps and 1 special way to an Internet career.

Step 1: Consistent Internet Income

The majority of people in the traditional workforce have never made money online nor do they have much business experience. And if you have a family or people to care for, you most likely need the consistent hours and money that a traditional job brings. Making money online is Hard and it’s often random, but there are opportunities for online careers that are more like traditional jobs with set hours, set pay.

You can do your own research on the Internet however two sites I recommend are and┬áRatracerebellion is the best place to start as it’s an online job listings site. Wahm, which stands for work at home moms, is catered towards moms but the opportunities are also applicable to almost anyone. Now as you’ll quickly see, most consistent online income is customer service jobs. I did this myself as customer support for a cable company. Do realize that the pay most likely will be less than what you’d get for a similar role in an office however you do get to work from home which will save you money and time in other areas.

Step 2: some Tech savvy

If you have some Tech savvy, you can also try working for Google as a Quality Ads Rater, you can Google this or go to their career section to find out more about it. Microsoft, Yahoo and other search engines have similar jobs.

These positions do pay more money however the hours, pay are dependent upon projects available. So if you’re young, a college student, or have less family responsibilities, this would be a good option. If you do have a family, you can always work on this at night if you’re full time or take a part-time job plus this.

Step 3: Geeks, Techies, Skilled

If you’ve got some valuable skills like web development, programming, Internet marketing, video/audio editing, graphic artist, writing, or accounting (there are others but these are some main in-demand ones) then freelancing might be for you. Freelancing definitely offers more freedom and potential income however do realize that things can be random so it’s best to build a variety of freelancing skills, clients.

Special Step: Internet Entrepreneur

Being a successful online entrepreneur is definitely the Holy Grail when it comes to making money online however it’s the most challenging of them all. For people who are entrepreneurial, risk tolerant, and who can spend the time, then by all means try everything possible to get this. Having success in this area will often mean making less money at the beginning plus having no guarantees that things will work out, but the potential rewards are enormous!

As you’ve seen from all these steps, creating an online income is possible but it’s definitely not easy nor is it for everyone. However the reward of Time Freedom is more valuable than any job title on a resume.

-Geek Outside!

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