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GeekOutdoors Ep14: Chrome OS and Android Merge

Ep14-logoChromeDroid? Ok maybe not the catchy name that Google might use, but then again, they’re now re-named as Alphabet. So it was bound to happen as Google has been hinting at a possible merger of Chrome OS and Android for a few years now. Although it’s been in the works, people weren’t sure in what form this merger would take place. But now with the recent announcement, it’s apparent that Android Rules All! Chrome OS will be merged into Android and it’s expected to occur early 2016. It makes sense that it would end up this way as Android is way more popular than Chrome OS could ever imagine. In fact, Chrome OS wasn’t really a play at taking on Microsoft in the PC market, it was more towards making inroads into Microsoft’s lucrative business, government, and academic institution market where they rule. Chrome OS was a Trojan Horse to sell their Google Apps for Business, this is their paid commercial versions of Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, etc…By offering a low-cost and more manageable operating system, Google was hoping to undercut and replace Microsoft Office in these spaces. Unfortunately, the browser-based OS only managed to gain 3% of the OS market which is basically a blip in the eyes of Microsoft who commands over 90%.

So what do I think of this merger? I think it’s a good thing and it makes sense from a Marketshare standpoint as Android is everywhere. Hopefully, this new merged version will effectively combine the flexibility of Android with the lightweight, desktop nature of Chrome OS. Also by doing the merge, Google will reduce the confusion and efforts in maintaining  two separate OS eco-systems. The only thing that remains is the question of exactly when and what name it will have…I’m now thinking I should trademark “ChromeDroid.”


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