You are currently viewing GeekOutdoors Ep19: Warcraft Teaser, Polaroid Sues GoPro, IOS 9 Jailbroken

GeekOutdoors Ep19: Warcraft Teaser, Polaroid Sues GoPro, IOS 9 Jailbroken

WarcraftTrailer1Warcraft’s long-awaited teaser trailer was unleashed on the Interwebs. It’s less than 30 seconds, but fans have been waiting ages for any glimpses of this movie. My initial thoughts are is this Lord of the Rings? Yeah because the look, imagery is very similar down to the opening shot of big flying birds (griffins). The lead human character looks an awfully lot like Aragon as well. And the Orcs? Well CG characters but definitely not Gollum level graphics. So if it sounds like I’m bashing this trailer for being too much like Lord of the Rings…well you can’t blame me especially when there’s such little footage. I did like some of the fantasy imagery shots and glimpses of the Orc Horde, but until the full trailer and especially movie is released, we’ll see if this isn’t just another video game movie.

Next up is Polaroid, yup remember them? The pioneers of instant photography before there was ever in anyone’s wildest dream of having cameras on phones. Well a few years back, Polaroid filled for bankruptcy and a company called C & A Marketing pretty much took over all their products and patent-related items. In this case, the company is suing GoPro on infringing on the Polaroid Cube’s design patent for their Hero4 Session camera. C & A Marketing received a design patent in May 2015 and GoPro also received a patent back in March, but it’s for the camera housing. However, the Hero4 is nearly identical in terms of physical design not including internals and color.  The only sure winners here will definitely be the patent lawyers.

Last but not least, Hackers take 1 million dollars bounty for jailbreaking IOS 9. Zerodium, a security firm, awarded a group of  “ethical” hackers for finding a security exploit in IOS 9 which Apple was touting as “unhackable. “ Well when you make claims like that you better believe the hacks have begun!

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