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GeekOutdoors Ep23: Fallout 4 Reviews, Black Friday China, Apple Music

Ep23logoFallout 4 was released on the world and the game-pocalypse has begun. Basically people are gonna have to quit their jobs to play this game. As with all previous Fallout games, there’s a mega ton amount of content, but is it any good? Well it really depends on your expectations. The story is pretty deep when you look at the entire history but in a nutshell you’re in an alternate post-apocalyptic 1950’s themed future with super mutants and Pip-Boys. But when you get down to it, it’s about choices and blowing up stuff. Your choices have always been a huge part of Fallout and its endless replayability thanks to the fact that your choices really do make a difference in the game. Fallout 4 doesn’t stray too far away from this proven formula. The reviews have been expectedly positive with some minor “glitches” which is another hallmark of Fallout games.Think about frozen characters, performance issues, random crashes, freezes, installation issues, and infinite money cheats just to name a few.

On any other game, this would be devastating but for the Fallout series, it’s expected and forgiven. The battle system…yup blowing up mutants, people, dogs just never gets old. Fallout 3 was praised for its awesome battle system and Fallout 4’s VATS system is a mixed bag as some love it and some wishing it died like all the mutants. One final controversy was missing Fallout 4 Special Edition Pip-Boy collection sets that didn’t get delivered. Once again all forgiven. If you love Fallout, then you’ve probably already quit your job.

If you thought Black Friday was insane in the United States, then you’re not prepared for Singles’ Day in China on 11/11. Now the story goes that 4 Chinese college students were single on Valentine’s so they decided to coin this Single’s Day and there were 4 single guys so they picked 11/11…clever. ┬áNow how this became a buying frenzy is beyond me but it’s monstrous! Let’s compare this to Black Friday shall we. Black Friday typically is the start of the entire buying Weekend during Thanksgiving and now also includes Cyber Monday. In 2014, the entire Black Friday weekend including Cyber Monday generated about 5-6 billion dollars…pretty big right? Well let’s look at Singles’ Day. In 2014, on just Singles’ Day alone, the sales were about 9 billion and in 2015, it’s about 11.3 billion. That’s in a “single” day!!! The majority of money was made by none other than Jack Ma and his uber successful company Alibaba, which is the Amazon of China. As for me, I avoid Black Friday and will most likely stay single and not broke.

In the final bit of news, Apple Music was released on the Google Play store and it’s Apple’s second official app. The first one Move to iOS, was bombarded with negative reviews from loyal Android users, but that didn’t stop more than 1 million people downloading the app. I see a similar pattern for Apple Music regardless if it’s good or not…it’s Apple, you WILL buy it!

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