You are currently viewing GeekOutdoors Ep30: Super Hacker, Hilton Hacked, Dell Insecurity, 30 Day Challenge

GeekOutdoors Ep30: Super Hacker, Hilton Hacked, Dell Insecurity, 30 Day Challenge

Ep30BlogImageHacked!…Again. It seems security hacks are happening daily and I’ll be doing more of these to help people become more aware of these issues. So the FBI has just uncovered what is possibly the largest known hack yet with 1.2 billion accounts being compromised and it will probably end up being around 2 billion. Mr. Grey is the name of the person or group responsible and they seem to be from Russia which isn’t surprising as most recent hacks are coming from Russia or China. Unfortunately, a hack of this scale probably means that the people affected will not get any kind of relief.

Speaking of relief, we often think of hotels as a place people can relax and not think about their problems except when your hotel gets hacked! Hilton Hotels payment system was compromised and customer’s credit card info was taken from more than 4,000 of their hotels. They’re offering “free” credit monitoring services for this attack…sleep tight.

Dell now joins Lenovo in providing Insecure laptops. Earlier in the year, Lenovo was exposed for their Spearfish spyware, backdoor access that was installed in nearly all their laptops, desktops. Dell, not wanting to be outdone, created some security certificates on some of their XPS line of laptops giving hackers with the correct security certificates a way to get full access to the computer. Of course this information wasn’t shared with consumers as Dell says this is needed to provide remote support especially for when their machines get hacked.

Wrapping up, since Nov 21, 2015 I made a 30 day challenge for myself to produce YouTube videos everyday and now I’ve exceeded that goal. Thank you for watching!

-Geek Outside!

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