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GeekOutdoors Ep32: $5 Computer!

Ep32BlogImage$5 can’t get much in Tech these days, but $5 for a computer?! That’s exactly what the Rasberry Pi Zero is bringing into the Tech world. Let’s start off with the actual specs:

-1 Ghz Broadcom processor
-512MB RAM
-mini HDMI
-Micro USB
-micro-SD card slot
-40-pin GPIO connector

From these specs, you’ve actually got enough horsepower to do web browsing, programming, and even some light gaming, but don’t expect high-end gaming or multimedia editing. However, it’s just $5! Your morning coffee costs more than this plus can your coffee be used to create robots? What you can do with the Rasberry Pi Zero is only limited by the skills you have and the amount of time you’re willing to spend to learn new skills.

Now the Rasberry Pi isn’t meant for newbies “noobs” as it’s basically a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) so figuring out how to get this working will require more than just turning on the power button. However there is a huge online community for this computer that provides all types of support from newbies all the way to programming wizards.

What’s most important about this $5 computer is that you learn so much about hardware, operating systems, and programming plus you’ll become a Geek God! And isn’t that worth more than $5 coffee?

-Geek Outside!

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