You are currently viewing GeekOutdoors Ep33: Cards Against Humanity $71,000 for Nothing!

GeekOutdoors Ep33: Cards Against Humanity $71,000 for Nothing!

Ep33BlogImage“Money for Nothing” is often a phrase that is thrown around, but what if that money is $71,000 for absolutely nothing? Cards Against Humanity (CAH) did just that on a Black Friday “deal” where they asked for $5 and you get absolutely nothing. Yes absolutely nothing, nada, zilch and this was clearly stated on the offer. Just a little history, CAH was a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for an adult-themed card game in 2011 that ended up earning millions in revenue. This deal generated $71,000 in sales for nothing. Now in 2014, they ran a similar special where people paid $12 for random boxes of BS aka “Bullshit” literally. Now that BS special did use the money raised for charities, but 2015 was a little different.

Max Temkin, one of the co-founders, posted on Twitter what they did with the $71,000. In this case, they gave it to their employees instead of charitites which is well deserved for the years of work they put in to build this business. Some of the purchases were expected such as a MacBook Pro, Playstation 4, Chicago Cubs tickets, and a trip to Disneyworld. And some were “special” items like a $500 bottle of Scotch, a Divorce Lawyer, and drumroll please…over $3,000 for a 24 Karat Gold Vibrator! Now it wasn’t all Fun and Games as the employees also donated to their charities of choice.

Speaking of charities, Bill Gates through his foundation and partners will donate about 2 billion dollars to clean energy initiatives. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest philanthropic and most well-funded philanthrophy in the world. Their mission covers a variety of world issues including disease, education, and clean energy. It’s ironic how in one case you’re getting nothing for something and another case you’re getting something for nothing.

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