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GeekOutdoors Ep35: Batman vs Superman Trailer 2, Andy Rubin comes back to Android

Ep35BlogImageBatman vs Superman is one of the most anticipated movies ever, but does the second trailer spoil this? Unlike the previous original trailers and teasers, the second one reveals more…perhaps a little too much. So in this trailer reaction, I talk about the things I like and the things that just aren’t that super. During the opening scenes, we get a very tense scene with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent discussing their alter egos Batman and Superman. This opening scene was a welcome exploration into the minds of these characters and laying the foundation for their upcoming battle. From here on out, there were lots of action-packed scenes and character introductions which I enjoyed. There seems to be a lot going on in this movie, but is it too much of a good thing? In this trailer, it seems it might be too much too soon.

Although I loved the more in-depth introduction to the characters, I just couldn’t accept one main character…Lex Luthor. I don’t have anything against Jesse Eisenberg as I think he’s a solid actor, but him playing Lex Luthor seems so out of place and this trailer just confirms that. Scene after scene, I just see him as an annoying brat who just plays an almost comical character. This seems out of place in this more serious tone. Every other actor, actress in this movie brings a sense of realism and depth, but not Lex and that’s a bad thing as he’s central to the Superman universe. Beyond Lex, I really feel that this trailer showed way too much. You can basically guess the entire plot of the movie from beginning to end and then there’s the “other” villain.

Looking a lot like Abomination from the Incredible Hulk Universe, this hulking beast is created from Zod and most certainly is Doomsday. From his creation to the “final” battle against Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, we’re shown entirely way too much which takes away from the conflict between the two main heroes. Overall, this trailer actually lessened my excitement for this movie which is saying a lot as the previous trailers were so awesome.

In Android world, it seems like its Godfather Andy Rubin might be making an unexpected return. There are rumors that Andy Rubin is the process of creating a smartphone company producing high quality Android budget phones. With the sheer amount of competition in this space, I’m not sure how much success they’ll have even if it is from┬áthe creator.

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