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GeekOutdoors Ep37: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reaction

Ep37BlogImageFinal Fantasy 7 is legendary and will always be considered a classic. Rumours of a remake have been around ever since the Playstation 2 days but it’s only now in 2015 that we have some real proof that a remake is indeed coming. The first teaser trailer for the remake was a little too realistic and dark for me and as a matter of fact, I couldn’t even tell it was Final Fantasy until the familiar musical score came on. But now the full trailer has been released for the Playstation 4 and I’m so relieved. The original was ground breaking in so many ways as it was a mixture of RPG, Anime, Sci-fi, and of course Fantasy. This was also cutting-edge technology at the time and was definitely a key blockbuster for the original Playstation.

Story-wise, it’s a familiar story of Cloud Strife leaving Shinra becoming a hired mercenary for the Resistance group Avalanche. The trailer is the opening scene near the railroad station and it primarily focuses on Cloud and Barret, the leader of the Resistance. Graphics are superb especially in the explosive battle sequences. Musically, the tone and emotion are all there. And thankfully, the Spirit of Final Fantasy seems to be intact which is how a remake should be.

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