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Geeks and Nerds have seldom been as “popular” in the mainstream as they are now. Everywhere you look Geek Culture has been taking over! No matter the industry: Video Games, Movies, Comics, Pop Culture and even Sports. For example, there isn’t a year that goes by where we don’t have another Marvel movie or Star Wars Saga. Also, eSports is on its way to toppling traditional sports worldwide at an alarming rate. With all this Geek Goodness, it can be sometimes easy to forget that being a Geek or Nerd wasn’t always something that was “COOL.” Being a child of the 80’s, I remember all too well how being Geeky just didn’t result in Fun times and if anything, the terms Weird or Outcast would often be associated with being just a little too technical for your own good. As time and especially Technology progressed, it became more and more evident that a new breed of Geek Culture was emerging. Thanks to such Tech advances like Video Games, cell phones and especially the Internet, we’ve finally reached a point where it’s actually “cool” to be a little Geeky or Nerdy. And looking at the Top Wealthiest people in the World, you’ll easily see that it’s dominated by Geek Billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Jeff Bezos among many other Tech Titans.

But beyond the Billions, what does this modern Geek Culture really mean? Well for this Geek Outdoors, I can only think: GEEKS UNITE!!! So many people worldwide have adopted a more Technical World and it’s a World in which we know all too well. It’s a Nerdy World which was once mocked or even dismissed, but now everyone has embraced it whether they know it or not. But as the Geek DNA is spreading, we need to realize that Geeks come in all forms with no standard definition of what it truly means. Before it was quite easy to identify the Nerd Herd as there wasn’t many of us out in the open. And if we did decide to show our true Geek form, it was often met with Hostility or Laughter. The Internet and especially YouTube, has given us more freedom than ever before to express our creative side in ways we could never hope to achieve previously. Most importantly, it’s provided us platforms to connect with more Geeks than ever before. Communities of Geeks will continue to expand and evolve with no end in sight, but with this newfound “Power”, we sometimes have to appreciate our BASIC Beginnings…

-Geek Outside!

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