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Guest Post: Women Freelance Writers

From A Woman To Another: My Experience As A Freelance Writer

student-writerWriting has always been my passion; from the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to do something in this field. I have been writing different things from the time I was only nine. However, there came a time when my motivation had gone down. Due to certain financial problems, I had to give up on my dream and work as a Human Resources Executive, where my job was to find jobs for the others. It was a full time job. Even though I learned a lot of things and was flourishing well in it, I was dissatisfied with what I did.

After getting married, it was difficult for me to manage my household chores and official meetings with the clients. After six months of my marriage, I had to quit my job. Even though the days were relaxing, I was getting frustrated due to lack of money. Then came the time when I was offered with the first writing project. I worked for a significantly less amount, but that was just the beginning and I knew I would prosper in it.

Now, I am a well-settled freelance writer, who has been writing in the industry for the last five years. I have never fallen short of cash; I pay my own bills, spend on my shopping desires, party with my friends and do all that I want to, without being worried about my earnings, for I earn as much as I need to spend and save for my future.

If you ask me whether I want to switch my career, I would politely say no – I am completely satisfied with what I am doing, since my experience as a freelance writer has been fantabulous! I work whenever I wish to and earn a good amount of money. While my husband gets his paycheck at the end of the month, I get paid every week.

Planning to get into the field of freelance writing? Well, before you get carried away from the benefits I have mentioned above and choose this as your career without thinking, it is time for you to know about the following challenges as well:

  • Sometimes, the tasks become really challenging since you need to submit original content that passes plagiarism test.
  • After a few days, this work becomes really monotonous, since you are expected to write 50 to 60 articles on same topics.
  • Unlike the fulltime jobs that you do, freelance writing does not give you ‘paid leaves!’

More to come on this topic…

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