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Whether you’re New to Linux, an Intermediate or you’re just a passionate Linux Geek, then it’s time to Book a Linux Consultation Service with Geekoutdoors! As a Linux user, we’ve all been through those early times when we’re trying to learn how this whole Open Source Operating System works. And most importantly, how it can work for your computing needs.

As an active everyday Linux user, I understand that at the end of the day, you just want to use your computer in a way that’s less intrusive or limiting versus other options such as Microsoft Windows or Apple MacOS. You were probably interested in Linux because of the Freedom that it offers but you’re not too sure of where to start or how to make things just “work!”

I’ve had more than a decade of Linux use with my primary focus on the general user who doesn’t want to get into all the technical stuff or learn how to become a master programmer. My Linux Consultation is geared towards making Linux fit into your computing lifestyle versus having to be told how to use your own computer!

Getting Consultation is simple:

  • fill out the email request form below
  • if it’s an issue I can help you with, then I’ll send an email back with further details
  • choose the best consultation time that will work for you: 30 minutes or 1 hour (more time can be requested on a case by case basis)

Current Standard Rates:

30 minutes = $30 dollars

1 hour = $50 dollars

  • once payment is received, we’ll schedule a time for the Live Webinar Consultation!

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