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Mom Gets Techy and Starts Living The Internet Lifestyle! Pt. 2

How I Started Living The Internet Lifestyle As A Stay-At-Home Mom Pt. 2

Hey Geeksters!  In my previous post, I explained how I’ve started my journey towards living financially free.  Now, what I mean when I say “financially free” is just being able to make money without being bounded by a boss or being pestered by coworkers that I don’t care to share my personal space with.  In  other words, I can work whenever and wherever I want, as long as I have my laptop.

I am now a few months into this journey of mine, but I’ve already been able to make money and good money, at that.  My first client actually landed me $500.  The big question is, what skills did I have to acquire to make this much money?  Are you ready for this?  All I had to do was learn the skills of web design.  Yes, I said it web design.  I didn’t have to go to school for this nor did I have to pay any money to learn any of it.  All I did was take the time to learn how to create and design websites, and since I’ve always had an eye for design and a knack for creativity, this was right up my alley.  I absolutely enjoy designing websites and it makes me proud to show my personal creation for my client!  Although this is a field that I relish in, it took a lot of time, patience, and dedication.  Because I have three kids, I didn’t think that I would have the time or the self-discipline to learn how to create websites.  But throughout the learning process, I realized that I truly appreciate this field and I am determined to keep learning and creating.  Telling people that you are a “web designer” makes for an interesting conversation because people usually need some sort of help in the internet arena – they either don’t have the time to do it themselves or they don’t have the time to learn.  Either way, there is a need for it out there.  I was able to obtain my client just through asking if they needed a website – it was that easy!

I am determined to make my dream of becoming financially free a reality and I’ve accomplished some of this just by self-education alone.  My journey has just begun, so I will keep posting to let you Geeksters out there know where my journey is taking me.  While I’m writing this, I am actually working on another project for another client that I was able to acquire simply through conversation!  Follow me throughout my journey and find out what I’m currently doing!  See you on my next post!

-Layla Marie

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