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Do We Need Cameras Anymore?

Professional PhotographerWith all the advancements in Smartphone technology, the question always comes up: “Do We Need Cameras Anymore?” Being a YouTuber and Content Creator, Video is a MUST and also photography as well. Now when the first Apple iPhones and Android phones were released, it was simply amazing that you had both a video recorder/camera all in one device that was light years ahead of older flip phones. However, the quality was still nowhere close to consider replacing a standalone camera or video recorder. But as technology has evolved and the cost for technology continually decreases, we’re able to get better hardware on our Smartphones. Comparing today’s iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8 to their original versions is laughable when you compare the quality that you’re getting which will only get better. With each improvement in Smartphone cameras and optics, buying a separate camera or video recorder costing hundreds or thousands of dollars seems more and more like an expense that’s not required.

Now the Professional Community will always dispute this as their photography/video needs are obviously above those of a general consumer. General consumers on the other hand don’t really need anything above their phones as the quality is more than enough to capture those special moments or never ending selfies! But what about content creators like myself who rely on quality videos for their YouTube channels or other sites like Vidme, Vimeo, etc…Well the answer here is not so simple. I will say, at least for me, that standalone photography cameras aren’t really necessary anymore even for content creators. I feel that the cameras in phones provide good to excellent photography quality. But when it comes to video, well that’s where things get complicated.

Video Quality can be subjective for most, but when it comes to content that’s on platforms like YouTube especially if it’s in High Definition 4K, you will be able to tell the difference. There’s definitely a video qualitative difference that you can see between videos shot on a phone versus a camera, but it depends on the quality. “Quality” is where I feel that Smartphones can get closer to replacing a standalone video camera. If you look at the video/camera quality out of top end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, or LG V30, it’s even harder to tell if this was shot on a phone. A lot of the top quality phones now also offer high-end features normally reserved for cameras. Features such as 4K, Time-Lapse, Manual Control Settings, and even the ability to shoot in LOG format with phones like the LG V30 – make these Smartphones a truly compelling all-in-one solution that’s right in your pocket.

So that’s where I’m at right now where I’d rather purchase a high-quality smartphone that will still provide a quality video/photo experience without the higher investment and portability that a phone provides.

-Geek Outside!

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