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graduation-thumbsupTechnology has changed and is constantly disrupting our world. This is especially true when it comes to Education and Employment. Nowadays in the “Modern” Age of Technology people can practically learn anything from the Internet. Besides careers such as a Doctor or Lawyer, there’s really no real reason why a College Degree is required when seeking employment. This is especially true when it comes to professions involving Programming, YouTube, Social Media, Content Creation, Copy Writing, etc…there’s an endless variety of fields now that require absolutely no College Degree. As a matter of fact, College Degrees can actually be a disadvantage especially when it comes to Programming where Technologies are changing constantly. For example, by the time a typical student gets out of college, their skills are either obsolete or the demand is no longer there. One area where I see tremendous growth is in the field of Digital Marketing where a variety of skills from SEO, Website Design, YouTube, Copy Writing, Marketing and Sales are just some of the places where a person can develop their expertise. Most importantly, these skills are in demand and are actually quite valuable not only now, but also in the forseeable future.

Cost is another HUGE disadvantage of a traditional College Degree. Typically a student is in debt ranging from 30K-50K after finishing college. And worst yet, most college graduates can’t find a job in their field of study and even if they do, more than likely they won’t get paid what they’re worth. So am I saying that College Degrees are worthless? Absolutely NOT! What I am saying is that a College Degree is no longer the ONLY route to financial success or employment available. And in this ever evolving world of Technology, this pace of change is not slowing down anytime soon or ever. The new Tech World Economy is all about learning and re-learning new skills while adapting to the constant inevitable change. If anything, I believe that a College Degree is just one of the tools a person should have among many others as the days of a single career path or single source of income is quickly fading away. Overall I’m bullish on self-learning and constantly improving your skill sets regardless of the source, but I also believe that a College Degree is NOT required!

-Geek Outside!

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