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Planting Seeds on the Internet

Become a Farmer…

Now the idea of becoming a Farmer in the Digital Age seems ridiculous and a little crazy! But the farming I’m referring to here is on the Internet. When I began my Journey on the Internet, I heard an analogy of being like a Farmer and planting seeds.

The Farmer in this case is you as a Creator and the Seeds are the Content that you Create. Now this is an idea that applies to any Big Goals that you want to achieve whether it’s Online or Offline.

However this is even more crucial if you’re trying to make a living on the Internet. Throughout most people’s Academic Schooling, the primary focus was on teaching people to have a Consumer Mindset where they’re not creating much of their own things, but instead work to consume from the creations of others.

On the other hand, A Farmer has a Creator Mindset as they have to create (grow) their crops for the consumers to purchase. Let’s think about the general thought process of a Farmer. They first have to plan their farmland and then they have to decide the types of crops they want to grow.

Most Seeds Will NOT Survive…

Next they have to formulate a strategy on where to plant their seeds which would give them the most likely chance of success. From here, there’s months and sometimes years of constant care and extreme patience. Along the way there will be many obstacles ahead that will insure that most seeds will not make it.

However beneath the ground, roots are taking hold and they’re growing stronger daily unseen to the naked eye. But as time passes, the first few plants sprout from the ground and before you know it, the Farmer has healthy crops in which to harvest and reap the rewards.

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The Farmer also gains valuable knowledge and experience on how to successfully plant seeds that will produce healthy results. Most importantly, they develop a repeatable system that can be used to grow and harvest these seeds for years to come.

Now let’s take that analogy and apply it to the Internet. In this case you have ideas (seeds) in which you’d like to plant. So you’ve decided on what you want to create but now you have to find fertile land (platforms-YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, etc) that would give you the best chance for success.

Once you’ve formulated a growth plan (content creation strategy), you can begin planting seeds (create content) on the platforms you’ve identified earlier. And from here, it’s consistent content creation and extreme patience.

For months and possibly years, you might see little to no results, especially financially. But at some random event, you’ll see your first subscriber, your first comment, your first reply post, your first dollar! And now your seeds (content) have developed strong roots in which to expand and grow even further.

Before you know it, you’re harvesting a healthy batch of green crops (money) and developed a repeatable Internet growth system that continues to produce as long as you continue Farming.

-Geek Outside!

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