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Starbucks Home Office?

Working on the Internet, I spend TONS of time at Starbucks and many other Coffee Shops. And now that I think of it, I might as well work there or become a stock shareholder! Internet services and the rapid pace of Technologies is changing economic environments worldwide. It’s no accident that you see more and more people coming online to earn a living or at least start working on some side income. With that being said, I’m seeing a gradual growth of people who are often at Starbucks working on a weekday instead of the traditional corporate offices. Starbucks has essentially become a Home Office away from home. For anyone not familiar with the realities of working online, it can often be an lonely, isolating experience. This is usually the case as most people still have to physically work at their jobs daily versus having the option to work from home if they so choose. Most of your family, friends and loved ones are all working at physical locations throughout the week so that leaves you and your laptop.

Now there are many new co-working spaces popping up that give Digital Nomads the ability to connect with others in the same space. But the only problem with this is that it often requires rental space fees much like you would leasing an office space. And for most Solopreneurs like myself, that’s not a financially viable option. Starbucks and other coffee shops like it, offers the perfect solution for people who still enjoy being around people while having all the benefits of free Internet and access to copious amounts of caffeine. Also when you’re at Starbucks at 9am on a weekday and you see others around the same time regularly, there’s a sense of community and bonding that occurs as they “get” you. Luckily I often build relationships through this experience which makes the whole experience of “working from home” one that is not so much based on fantasy but actual reality. So as I’m typing this blog with my melting chocolate chip cookie and my freshly brewed coffee beans, I can say it was a good day at the Starbucks Home Office.

-Geek Outside!

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