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TubeBuddy Review: Must Have YouTube Tool

Creating a Youtube Channel is a fairly easy process however actually Growing a YouTube channel is an entirely different matter.

I should know as when I first started my channel back in 2013, I had a whopping 5 subscribers by October 2015.

And October 2015 was a monumental point in my YouTube journey as that’s when I re-branded my channel and was born! Now when you’ve made the decision to take this whole video thing seriously, you have to commit to treat YouTube as a business as that’s really what it is.

There are so many people who dream of billions of followers by just simply posting cute cat videos that go viral, but we all know that this isn’t 2005 anymore despite cats still being cute. So unless you have a Secret YouTube influencers list or you’re Donald Trump, chances are that no one is searching for you nor should they…at least not yet.

As reality set in, I like many billions of other people, had to figure out how to get attention in the whole YouTube space where there’s literally millions of videos uploaded daily.

The first place is unsurprisingly YouTube itself where I would search for terms like “YouTube Tutorial” or “How to Grow YouTube channel” or “How to Get Rich on YouTube” -yeah I searched for that!

Hours and hours of research usually means that you’re heading in the right direction, but it isn’t until you actually take action and do something that it really matters. Creating YouTube videos is obviously the most important and often difficult task not only from the creative point of coming up with ideas, but also all the technical work that has to be done behind the scenes for every video that you post.

With geekoutdoors, I knew that I had to go all in if I wanted any chance so I committed to producing at least 3 to 5 videos weekly consistently-which is pretty insane by any measure.

Currently, the results of my content creation efforts are paying off. I went from my paltry 5 subscribers in 2013 to a little over 1,100 subscribers in March 2017 with an astounding 400 plus videos produced! Now there are definitely YouTube channels who simply crush mine in the same amount of time or less, but as anyone will tell you, comparing your YouTube channel growth to someone else is a recipe for disaster.

With more than 400 videos to my name (some of which are not publicly viewable), you can imagine the sheer effort and pride that came in creating every Academy Award Winning video #oscarnomination. But when you’ve produced so much content, it can literally be a full time job to manage all the technical and marketing work behind it.

YouTube SEO is a real thing as YouTube is the second largest search engine behind only Google itself.

SEO Matters…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a necessary “evil” for anyone who wants to get any type of attention on the Internet.

On YouTube, the key pillars of SEO are:

1. YouTube Video Titles
2. YouTube Descriptions
3. YouTube Tags

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These items are a must for anyone serious about making YouTube a business or who simply wants to go beyond viral videos. SEO Marketing takes a ton of time especially as your amount of content and channel grows.

My channel is still in its infancy, but the sheer amount of videos that I have is pretty sizable so you can imagine that it takes me quite awhile to manage all the marketing and technical work.

And when you’re just starting out on YouTube, making millions is laughable when the reality is pennies for the few views that you do get, but the work must still be done.

Ideally, you’d have a YouTube channel manager to handle all these moving parts, but they usually cost more than a few pennies. The solution is using a variety of YouTube tools that will make managing YouTube channels less of a job and more of a system.

There are some fantastic YouTube tools out there such as VidIQ that will save you tons of time on keyword research, but by far the most powerful is TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is quite literally a virtual YouTube channel manager, keyword search tool, data analytics tool, and mega time saver all in one! The tool itself is simply a chrome browser extension that you can install in seconds and it does offer free and paid versions.

Now for most YouTubers, I feel that the Star Plan works best just for the Bulk Edit options alone and there are many features available such as:

  • Bulk Copy Cards
  • Multiple Default Upload Profiles
  • Thumbnail Generator
  • Video Topic Planner
  • Upload Checklist
  • Publish to Facebook

Plus dozens of other valuable tools that will save you a ridiculous amount of time and money. For the full list of features, go here.

As a real world example of how much time this saved me, I used the Bulk Edit feature to add some additional items to the descriptions of all my 400 plus videos and it took about 3 minutes with a few simple clicks.

The 3 minutes of “work” using TubeBuddy saved me literally 250 hours worth of sleepness nights and caffeine binges. And also the data analytics tools provided by TubeBuddy are simple and not quite as technical as the tool provided by YouTube.

Top 3 BEST Features of TubeBuddy!

1. Bulk Feature

If you have a YouTube channel with lots of content, then TubeBuddy can literally save you thousands of hours and tons of money!

Take for example you have a YouTube channel like mine where I have over 1,000 videos and you wanted to make description changes for all your videos.

Accomplishing something like this could literally take you weeks, months or even years! Imagine the amount of time and money you could be wasting by having to do this manually, but also the countless mistakes that could be made from human error.

With the Bulk Edit Feature and just a few clicks, you can update hundreds or thousands of videos within a few minutes! Now that’s power that directly affects the bottom line.

2. Multiple Profiles

Whenever you’re uploading YouTube videos, you’ll have to put in key information like the Title, Description and most importantly Tags.

But what if you had multiple types of content or playlists that have different types of Titles, Descriptions or Tags?

Well the slow and tedious option would be to manually put in different meta description for each type or category of content which could take up valuable time.

With the Multiple Profile feature in TubeBuddy, you’re able to setup different default meta description for the various types of content you had.

This is yet another huge time saver that will also help to streamline your content creation workflow and to better categorize your videos quickly.

3. Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

The 3rd and most important TubeBuddy feature is the Keyword Competitive Analysis and Research Tool.

This feature is essential when I’m planning and creating content. The analysis tool will give you valuable information like keyword volume, competitive score and most importantly, meta information like tags that you can use in your own videos.

The research tool will not only save you time in doing the research manually, but it will also greatly improve your chances on ranking for videos before you even create them!

By having key data on your potential video ideas, you’ll be able to plan video content more strategically versus just guessing and hoping that your YouTube videos will be seen.

If it’s not already apparent, I absolutely LOVE TubeBuddy and recommend it to anyone whose serious about making YouTube more than just Cute Cat videos.

-Geek Outside!

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